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Euro Standard White Retractable Window Screen

Euro Standard White Retractable Window Screen

Function and advantage of retractable window screen,all functions and features are showned one by one.Good market in Europe and America


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Euro standard white retractable window screen

Function and advantage:

There are PVC and Aluminum meterial design for our product.

warm keeping,sound proof,sunlight proof,sand proof,bug resist

sight resist are our product's advantage.

retractable window screen can be used in personal apartment or

business company.

Features of retractable window screen:

1.Environmental protection energy saving

We use the first-rate stuff which environmental friendly and warm 


2.Peep proof and ultraviolet-proof

Others can not look through and keeping a better place to live

3.Sound insulation and noise reduction

Sound insulation plate can reduce the noise from outside,keep your

mood nice.

4.Security with anti-theft

Others can not break through our anti down-to-up set from outside.

5.Anti-mosquitos and anti-bugs

Our screen can prevent the bugs and mosquitos getting inside.

6.Installation method

Diy design indoors,outdoors or middle

Smartex's belief is "first-rate stuff,the best product!"

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retractable window screen advantage.png

Welcome to buy the quality euro standard white retractable window screen made in China with our professional manufacturers and suppliers. We are equipped with a professional and productive factory at your service. Don't hesitate to contact us any more.
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