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  • Looking For Roll Up Window Screens?Smartex Is Your Best Choice

    Looking For Roll Up Window Screens?Smartex Is Your Best ChoiceSmartex,we are specialized in manufacturing and installing roll up screens and doors.the size can be customerized ,it is real DIY kits.We can provide you and installation instrctions video to teach you how to assemble the roll window,it will be finished in minutes ,not hours.Otherwise you can import the preassembled parts,then you cut into you local requtested size,the cansette ,aluminum profie,hand rail,mesh ,can be adjustable ,for the spares,we can ship you one whole set too.the roll window can provide you comfort and quiet stay life,to protect the insect ,mosquito and fly,it is also UV protected.We are also OEM manufacturer.If you have you own design we can produce too.The roll window is durable ,the life time can last five to ten years.Our strict quality control system can make each roll system pass high quality level.The fabric of the mesh is Reach standards.

  • Euro Standard White Retractable Window Screen

    Euro Standard White Retractable Window ScreenFunction and advantage of retractable window screen,all functions and features are showned one by one.Good market in Europe and America

  • 2017 Top Selling Polyester Materials Black Color Pet Resistant Screen

    2017 Top Selling Polyester Materials Black Color Pet Resistant ScreenPet resistant screen is pet screen made from pvc-coated polyester screen.It is more strong than standard insect screen. It will help to prevent some pets, like dog, cats, etc. Because of high strength of pet screen mesh, it will be more strong to prevent some pets through. There will be black color, grey color, white color, etc. The mesh thickness is about 0.9mm. Smartex could produce many sizes of pet resistant screen. say, 0.6m, 0.8m, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.5m, 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.4m, 2.6m, 2.8m, etc. The roll length will be 30m.

  • Pool Home Screen|Smartex Screen

    Pool Home Screen|Smartex ScreenWelcome to buy the smartex Pool home screen made in China from our factory. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers providing you with high quality, safe and durable products with competitive price. If you are interested in it, welcome to place an order with us. Best price,first quality,stable delivery. Designed for anti-mosquito. Tel&Whatsapp:+86 18754211767

  • Polyester Pet Screen Mesh

    Polyester Pet Screen MeshPolyester screen mesh made from Smartex made of good chemical composition polyester .It is strong ,can puncture resistant to protect your lovely dog and cat.Polyester screen mesh provides excellent outward visibility and no harm .

  • 130cm*160cm Pvc Roller Screen Window

    130cm*160cm Pvc Roller Screen Windowroller insect screen window; roller fly screen window; mosquito roller screen window The main role of roller insect screen windows is “ anti mosquito”. Now there are more patterns for roller fly screen windows than before, such as the invisible screen window and the removable screen window, it...

  • Durable Pleated Folding Window Mesh

    Durable Pleated Folding Window MeshDurable pleated folding window mesh is widely used in your life,Pleated insect screen is also known as plisse insect screen,PP and PE insect screen net ,it is an innovative product to help noisy fly and mosquito ect fly insect out of your room and allow fresh circulate around the is upgrade from traditional insect screen,the upgrade feature is heat and water resistance.the material can be fiberglass ,polyester ,PP,PE.the diameter from 0.16 ti 0.22mm,the pleated height is 15mm ,and 20mm, the shape of the mesh is square ,round .it is eco-friendly exclude farmaldehyde,and flexible for wide openings.The good chemical stability can let the mesh be used more long lifetime ,more durable.grey is the best sell color but we also have many other colors for your is packed by panel then plastic bag,safe exported carton.

  • Chinese Supplier For Charcoal Color Pet-d-fence Replacement Pet Screen

    Chinese Supplier For Charcoal Color Pet-d-fence Replacement Pet ScreenSmartex could produce replacement pet screen. It is pvc-coated polyester screen mesh. What is usage for pvc-coated polyester pet screen? After raising some pets like cats, dogs, do you need to make a pet screen window or door for them? If not, you will be very awkward situation.IF you like very high building, the pet screen window and door will prevent them froming falling to ground. So pet screen window will protect your cats. Some people think it is ok to install a normal insect screen window. YOu are wrong. Pests, specailly cats will destroy the normal mesh with their hands. So pet screen materials will provent them. That is to say, effectively protect them.

  • 2017 Top Selling High Quality Aluminum White Color Insect Screen Frame Door

    2017 Top Selling High Quality Aluminum White Color Insect Screen Frame DoorInsect screen frame door is fixed insect screen door which is made from aluminum profile, rubber spline, plasitc parts, fiberglass insect screen mesh, etc. It is very popular in Germany market, specially online selling and supermarkets selling.

  • Roll Screen Door Home Depot

    Roll Screen Door Home DepotRoll up screen door is popular to anti sunshine and insect and we already provide to home depot.It seem grace and assembled ,romove easily.The design is delicate and pretty and can customerized.Its available to all you existing doors include single and double .And all the accessories can be individually supplied.