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plisse screen

  • PE Mixed PP Pleated Fly Screen Mesh

    PE Mixed PP Pleated Fly Screen MeshPleated fly screen mesh is made of combination PE and PP material and also called plisse mesh.and can be used in various door and window ,can save your room place. And it can anti small insects fly into your room.It can used in all sorts of windows and doors

  • Benefit Of Smartex Pet Screen

    Benefit Of Smartex Pet ScreenBenefit details for Smartex pet screen

  • Polyester Swimming Pool Screen Mesh

    Polyester Swimming Pool Screen MeshPool screen and pool screen mesh are very popular in Florida, USA. In insect screen field, normally fiberglass pool&patio screen mesh are used. There are many pool and patio screen enclosure. The screen materials are fiberglass insect screen 18*14 and polyester insect screen 16*14. Mostly fiberglass pool screen mesh are used. but some person are also using polyester pool screen mesh.

  • Polyester Pleated Insect Window and Door Fly Screen Mesh

    Polyester Pleated Insect Window and Door Fly Screen MeshPolyester pleated insect window and door fly screen mesh Polyester pleated insect wndow and door fly screen mesh is used for plisse door and plisse window. It is one kind of Smartex’s insect screen, also called window screen, divided into 2 kinds: polyester insect screen and PP insect screen...

  • The Pleated Retractable Insect Screen

    The Pleated Retractable Insect ScreenThe pleated retractable insect screen is provided protection from flies,mozzies and other irritating insects,while providing you home with a stylish indoor and outdoor living accessory to complement your existing decoration . It's hard and strong when you don't know what kind of screen to buy but this seems to be the "universal" type.The pleated mesh screen with its patented reinforced wire tension system is designed to create a sturdy screen.The pleated screen moves easily.the screen mesh are easy to put back in the cassette and the track.