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  • 18*14 Mesh Pool And Patio Mesh

    18*14 Mesh Pool And Patio Meshpool and patio mesh, pool and patio fiberglass screen; As people pay more attention to the quality of life, more and more families have their own swimming pools. In the summer, public swimming pools always have many people, and having their own swimming pool is undoubtedly the best choice....

  • Smartex White Retractable Insect Screens

    Smartex White Retractable Insect ScreensSmartex white retractable insect screens China Smartex retractable insect screens China retractable insect screens door manufacturer and supplier. Best price,first quality,stable delivery. Designed for anti-mosquito. Tel&Whatsapp:+86 18754211767

  • Smartex White Retractable Fly Insect Screens

    Smartex White Retractable Fly Insect ScreensSmartex white retractable fly insect screens Design for anti-mosquito,good quality,impressive price,stable supply ability. whatsapp:+86 18754211767

  • Phantom Screens With Natural Ventilation For Summer Time

    Phantom Screens With Natural Ventilation For Summer TimePhantom screens with natural ventilation for summer time very good quality with competitive price,$18-$30/set.CE certificate,Rohs&Reach standard recognization natural ventilation for your summer life.Smartex retractable screen system,your reliable supplier of insect screen product.

  • Looking For Roll Up Window Screens?Smartex Is Your Best Choice

    Looking For Roll Up Window Screens?Smartex Is Your Best ChoiceSmartex,we are specialized in manufacturing and installing roll up screens and doors.the size can be customerized ,it is real DIY kits.We can provide you and installation instrctions video to teach you how to assemble the roll window,it will be finished in minutes ,not hours.Otherwise you can import the preassembled parts,then you cut into you local requtested size,the cansette ,aluminum profie,hand rail,mesh ,can be adjustable ,for the spares,we can ship you one whole set too.the roll window can provide you comfort and quiet stay life,to protect the insect ,mosquito and fly,it is also UV protected.We are also OEM manufacturer.If you have you own design we can produce too.The roll window is durable ,the life time can last five to ten years.Our strict quality control system can make each roll system pass high quality level.The fabric of the mesh is Reach standards.

  • Strongest Pool And Patio Enclosure Insect Screen

    Strongest Pool And Patio Enclosure Insect Screenstrongest pool and patio enclosure insect screen the swimming pool and patio enclosure insect screen 18*14 mesh count,0.13diameter,used for pool and patio enclosures,allows good airflow and visibity.without a doubt pool and patio is the most advanced screen mesh in the market.and homeowners are...

  • Pleated Retractable Fly Window Screens

    Pleated Retractable Fly Window Screens"As for pleated retractable fly window screens, we also called pleated mesh folding screen window. It is new designs for retractable fly screen. Special designs for disabled person and stop any time becaused of pleated retractable fly screens. For this kits, there is aluminum profile, polyester plisse screen nets, PVC accessories for assamble them together when customers buy them and install in their personal home. Advantages: DIY design, can cut in different sizes; Easy to install and remove; Retractable vertical spring loaded insect screen system; Speed reducer is available for option; Delicate and pretty design; Available to all your existing windows; Wind-resistance brushes secure the protection against insects; All the accessories can be individually supplied."