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  • Pleated Retractable Fly Window Screens

    Pleated Retractable Fly Window Screens"As for pleated retractable fly window screens, we also called pleated mesh folding screen window. It is new designs for retractable fly screen. Special designs for disabled person and stop any time becaused of pleated retractable fly screens. For this kits, there is aluminum profile, polyester plisse screen nets, PVC accessories for assamble them together when customers buy them and install in their personal home. Advantages: DIY design, can cut in different sizes; Easy to install and remove; Retractable vertical spring loaded insect screen system; Speed reducer is available for option; Delicate and pretty design; Available to all your existing windows; Wind-resistance brushes secure the protection against insects; All the accessories can be individually supplied."

  • Aluminum Profile White Frame Fixed Insect Screen Window

    Aluminum Profile White Frame Fixed Insect Screen WindowAluminum frame insect screen window is widely used all over the world ,easy to fit on ,and easy to take off to clean.Durring the installation ,no need frill the original ,no screws ,just spares include hook, strip etc,and will packed the tool for you to DIY.

  • Summary For Fixed Screen Doors

    Summary For Fixed Screen DoorsSummary for fixed screen doors Summer hot coming,when you walking in and out,our fixed door is a good selection for you. Pulling to open and push to close from outside is reasonable for your house. Our "summer shiled" prevent all the bugs especially mosquito outside your house. Easy...

  • Summery For Fixed Window Screen

    Summery For Fixed Window ScreenSummery for Fixed window screen Fixed window screen is hot-sale one in screen , You will combine the frame and screen. Our window will seal the window and left no gap. All the bugs will not truble your family. Easy to install and split is always our idea. My screen mesh is durable enough to use...

  • Adjustable Retractable Roller/rolling/roll Up Fly Screen Window Screens

    Adjustable Retractable Roller/rolling/roll Up Fly Screen Window ScreensAdjustable retractable roller/rolling/roll up fly screen window screens Retractable Roller Screen window: Retractable Roller Screen window is designed to look good in your home, providing comfort, convenience and freedom from mosquitoes, flies and other insects. They can be custom made and...

  • Details For Fixed Window Screen

    Details For Fixed Window ScreenDetails for fixed window screen Nowdays weather gets hot,mosquito is flying all around. You may feel annoy,don't worry,our fixed window screen will solve all the porblem. the wind will flow through the room as usual. Here is our fixed window's detail,let's see it!

  • Retractable Invisible Fixed Insect Screen Fly Window Frame

    Retractable Invisible Fixed Insect Screen Fly Window FrameRetractable invisible fixed insect screen fly window frame SMARTEX can produce fixed screen solutions for fixed or hinged frame to meet customers’ different window configurations. 1. Fixed and hinged screens are provided in kit form and made to measure modules with detailed instructions. 2....

  • Benifit For Smartex Retractable Window Screens

    Benifit For Smartex Retractable Window ScreensBenifit detail for Smartex Retractable Window Screens

  • Details For Fixed Door Screen

    Details For Fixed Door ScreenDetails for fixed door screen Nice fixed screen door isn't it? Pure white frame and simple black screen make it the best anti-mosquito product. Pull and push,the bugs outside!We are happy to produce this screen door! there will be more details shown by pictures,and the price is nice too.

  • Top-quality Aluminum White Color Retractable Fly Screens DIY

    Top-quality Aluminum White Color Retractable Fly Screens DIYSmartex is producing retractble fly screens DIY with REACH standards through using fiberglass insect screen with REACH standards. They are very popular in Germany markets. We use 1mm thickness of aluminum profile to reach high quality and very steadiness.