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China wire mesh screen factory

  • Colored PVC Coated Polyester Pet Proof Screen

    Colored PVC Coated Polyester Pet Proof Screen​Whts kind of screen is best choice to protect your pet .Pet screen are excellent choice in your decoration. Pet Screens for your home, or replace the screen fabric on your existing screen frames quickly and professionally with scratch-resistant pet screen fabric, They hardily resist damage from pets’ claws while providing outstanding through-screen visibility. Dogs and cats can break traditional screens easily.but pet screen is 7times stronger.How to prohibit the dog break the insect screen,use pet screen.

  • Dust Proof Pet Screen Fabric

    Dust Proof Pet Screen FabricThe pet screen fabric is made of strong and thicker fabric with coating ,and not broken by pet’s claw,can protect you pets.The lifetime of the mesh ,we can guarantee 5years can can be clean easily.And can be used in window and door .Anti mosquito,fly and other insects.It is plain wave,the mesh size is 18*16,16*16 gengerally.

  • Smartex Magnetic Button Mosquito Screen Door Curtains

    Smartex Magnetic Button Mosquito Screen Door CurtainsSmartex is specialized magnetic door curtain supplier.The magnetic door curtain lets fresh air in the room and keep the bugs out. Pets can pass directly. And the size is available for various door frame. It assembled 18 high strength magnets.And common color is black and white.

  • High Strength Pleated Mosquito Insect Window Screen

    High Strength Pleated Mosquito Insect Window ScreenWe mainly export to American,Gmarny,European countries.Pleated mosquito insect window screen main comnpositon is PVC coated polyester.foled height aournd 15 to 20mm, Its easy assembly and clean.It’s flexiable for outside open usage.It is very useful to anti the insect and mosquito.

  • Fiberglass Waterproof Patio Screen

    Fiberglass Waterproof Patio ScreenPatio screen in insect screen field is aluminum sliding screen frame with fiberglass insect screen. It also should be waterproof patio screen, because it is often installed outside, which will face rain sometimes. In order to do waterproof patio screen, you must need waterproof patio screen mesh. As we know, waterproof patio screen mesh are waterproof fiberglass insect screen 18*14, waterproof polyester insect screen 16*14 and waterproof polyester insect screen 17*20.