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  • Veline PP And PE Pleated Insect Screen Mesh

    Veline PP And PE Pleated Insect Screen MeshPP and PE pleated insect screen mesh is popular used these years ,it is beautiful and easy to slided used in window and doors.and it is also be called plisse insect screen.The pleated mesh is anti insects efficiently.The yarn is include warp and weft to weave.the diameter is 0.3+/- 0.02mm,and for the ends density is 18*16.Breaking strength test,for the warp,more than 180,the weft is more then 160.

  • Pet Resistant Insect Screen Mesh

    Pet Resistant Insect Screen MeshPet resistant insect screen mesh is excellent for usage in patio and porch enclosures,used for various window and door,you can cut and assembly easily. It is much stronger and durable compared traditional fiberglass insect screen.No tears and no breaks from dogs and cats.

  • Upplier Of Plisse Insect Screen Roof Window

    Upplier Of Plisse Insect Screen Roof Window"Smartex is one of largest suppliers of plisse insect screen roof window. Concerning plisse, it is very fashionable for European style. In addition, the plisse insect screen roof window have its advantages as follows: 1. Dual-functional Pleated Window for Roof Applications 2. Environmental Friendly and Protects Against Insects 3. 10-year Guarantee on Aluminum Frames 4. High-quality Insect Pleated Nets and Sunshade Pleated Fabric Combinations for Dual Function 5. Simple Assembly Directly onto Window Frames with Fixing Clamps 6. Special Design for NO-DRILL Installations 7. Window can Stop at Any Position as Required 8. It can Also be Done into Single-Functional Window for Roof 9. Many Sizes Available According to Customers 10. Advantages: Effective Insect Protection, Innovative, Space Saving, Easy Installations, Etc."