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Fiberglass material mesh products Dec 05, 2017

Fiberglass material mesh products

Fiberglass material mesh products are widely used in all over the world.and it is very important for a merchant in this system to find a good and trustable supplier.

To remember this logo,Smartex screenSMARTEX is a trustable screen mesh supplier.jpg

We mainly produce four kinds of fiberglass mesh:

1.standard screen|mesh|net: Normal standard screen mesh,widely used,cheapest fiberglass insect screen.Smartex Standard mesh for europe wholesaler&importer.jpg

2.bettervue screen|mesh|net: Reach standard achieved,100% promise to your health.bettervue screen for europe wholesaler&importer.png

3.stiff screen:widely ued in retractable screen window&door(rolling system).stiff screen for europe wholesaler&importer.png

4.pool and patio screen:this kind of screen mesh is main used for swimming pool patio,extremly effective for anti-mosquito.

Smartex pool and patio screen for american wholesaler&importer.png

Smartex screen system think highly of reputation,Our belief is "Mazal to the quality,Mazal to your own life."

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